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Our Connected Community

Welcome to Our Connected Community.

Each week the St Monica Trust offers hundreds of social activities across its retirement communities, care homes and beyond.

While much of our regular activities programme is postponed due to the coronavirus, we'll be sharing lots of things to get involved with and keep you connected here on this page. So whether you're a resident with us, live locally or are just looking for something fun to do in this strange time, Our Connected Community is yours to explore.

Space Signpost

Signpost 63 (19 July)

In our final edition of Signpost before having a summer break, we prepare for the hot weather ahead, learn more about Richard Branson's latest venture into space, and get nostalgic with BBC's remake of Worzel Gummidge.

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Picnic Signpost

Signpost 62 (12 July)

In the 62nd edition of Signpost, we learn about the first female bishop in England, remember the Live Aid concert, and look at how to have the perfect picnic.

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Wimbledon Signpost

Signpost 61 (5 July)

In this week's Signpost, we remember Boris Becker's Wimbledon win, look at the humble beginnings of BBC News, and get nostalgic whilst finding out more about TV classic, The Magic Roundabout.

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Euro 2020 Signpost

Signpost 60 (28 June)

In this week's issue of Signpost, we cover everything from the reflections of St Jude, right through to the ongoing Euro 2020 football tournament.

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Origami Signpost

Signpost 59 (21 June)

In the 59th edition of Signpost, we explore empathy, get creative with origami and limericks, and learn more about a very English scandal...

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Signpost Men

Signpost 58 (14 June)

Following on from last week's female-focused issue, and with Father's Day approaching, this edition of Signpost is centred around men. We look at everything from male fitness to some well-known men throughout history, and even divulge in to the evolution of man!

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Women Signpost1

Signpost 57 (7 June)

This week, Signpost is themed around women and includes everything from historically famous females to the women's right movement and key exercises for improving women's strength.

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Hmv Signpost

Signpost 56 (31 May)

This week Signpost takes a look at the importance of self-reflection, explores the history of the Girl Guides and signposts you towards some handy tech resources.

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Canterbury Cathedral

Signpost 55 (24 May)

In the 55th edition of Signpost we take a look back at this week in history and the events that took place. From the birth of Terry Waite to the fall of the Cromwell's - it is a historically busy week!

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Sloth Signpost

Signpost 54 (17 May)

In Signpost this week dive into the rules and intricacies of cricket, celebrate the bountiful births at Bristol Zoo over the past year and find out about all things film with IMDB.

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Signpost 53 (10 May)

This week in Signpost we learn more about the upcoming Eid ul-Fitr celebrations, examine the impact of coronavirus on retirement living, and make some noise with Patatap!

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Signpost 52 (4 May)

The 52nd edition of Signpost explores hybrid species such as 'Pizzly Bears', considers a deep philosophical question, and suggests some delicious truffle recipes for you to enjoy.

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Flora Signpost

Signpost 51 (26 April)

In this edition of Signpost, we take a look at some of the wonderful Bristol walks and activities arranged by Bristol Walkfest, as well as learning more about the Ancient Roman Goddess Flora, and Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House of Commons.

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Stay Safe Signpost

Signpost 50 (19 April)

Welcome to the 50th edition of Signpost, marking a whole year since our first issue! Over the past year, we've aimed to share a varied and interesting selection of links for you to enjoy and have continued to do in this issue, exploring synaesthesia and the Pizza World Championships.

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Easter Lamb Signpost

Signpost 48 (29 March)

Issue 48 of Signpost and Spring has finally sprung. In this edition, we cover everything from mermaids to Easter, and even crack a few eggcellent jokes!

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Machu Picchu

Signpost 47 (22 March)

In this week's edition of Signpost, we explore the natural world, looking specifically at all things rock. From Stonehenge to Mars and even a hidden continent!

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St Patricks Day

Signpost 46 (15 March)

This weeks' Signpost is focussed on St Patrick's Day and all things Irish. We take a look at the history of St Patrick himself, as well as finding out more about everything quintessentially Irish, such as Guinness, Giant's Causeway and Father Ted.

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Signpost 45 (8 March)

In this week's Signpost, we cover the use of labyrinths, discover a 1940's-style radio adaptation of the work of Edgar Allan Poe and learn how Dolly Parton has been encouraging people to have their coronavirus vaccination.

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Wales Flag

Signpost 44 (1 March)

Croeso i Signpost! Issue 44 of Signpost will be taking a look at all things Welsh in celebration of St David's Day on the 1st March - from learning who St. David was, to catching up on TV comedy Gavin & Stacey.

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Signpost 43 (22 February)

This week we're bringing you a special edition of Signpost - the mystery edition! We have an exciting selection of mysteries from across the world for you to delve into.

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Pancake Day

Signpost 42 (15 February)

This episode of Signpost investigates the mysterious "Bristol hum", explores Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent, and gets the gossip from the Handforth parish council meeting that hit the headlines.

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Valentines Day

Signpost 41 (8 February)

Issue 41 of Signpost covers matters of the heart. From the history of St. Valentine to exercises to improve your cardiovascular health - we have it covered!

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Matt Hardy 6 Ar Ttluciu A Unsplash

Signpost 40 (1 February)

It's February! This weeks' Signpost takes a look at how to become a storyteller, explains a little about QR codes and their uses, and explores the darkest depths of the ocean.

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Sven Scheuermeier Xcbw03R Na Nq Unsplash

Signpost 39 (25 January)

In the 39th edition of Signpost, we take a look at a range of interesting and bizarre national days that are celebrated this week, some of the television channels that are available on Freeview, and learn about the history of Burns Night.

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Signpost 38 (18 January)

Welcome to Signpost 38. This week we learn about St Wulfstan, the use of insulin as a treatment for diabetes, and the Concorde's very first commercial flight.

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Forest Signpost

Signpost 37 (11 January)

As we enter a new lockdown, issue 37 of Signpost brings you some interesting and entertaining reads on topics such as silence, morse code and flight 1549.

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Nagatoshi Shimamura Fbhdzf Msx Eq Unsplash

Signpost 36 (4 Jan)

Happy New Year and welcome to Signpost 36 - the first issue of 2021! In this edition, we take some time to reflect upon last year whilst setting goals for the year ahead.

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Signpost 35 (21 December)

Signpost 35 takes a look back at the Christmas number 1's throughout the years, as well as some delicious festive recipes courtesy of Fanny Craddock, and the history of the Queen's speech.

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Playing golf

Signpost 33 (7 December)

In week 33 of Signpost, we cover a range of topics including Coronation Street's 60th birthday, how to form connections with others, and the rules of golf.

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Signpost 32 (30 November)

Welcome to Signpost 32. This week we explore the history and meaning of Advent, learn how to rearrange our fridges and cheer on a fellow resident on a mission to raise money for charity.

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Retirement village resident raises money for charity

Resident Jennifer Gardener Walks for Charity

Over the last six months, Westbury Fields resident Jennifer Gardener has been walking 100 miles a month to raise money for charity. What started out as a way to raise funds for two deserving organisations has had a very positive effect on Jennifer and other residents of Westbury Fields retirement village.

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Freestocks Ofa Dd5O8Hpk Unsplash

Signpost 31 (23 November)

This week we delve into the literary world to celebrate National Novel Writing Month and explore six top canal destinations that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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Sound Of Music

Signpost 30 (16 November)

In this issue of Signpost we look back on notable events that have happened during this week in history; from the enthroning of the 14th Dalai Lama to 'The Sound of Music' opening on Broadway.

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Remembrance Sunday Poppies

Signpost 29 (9 November)

In this week's edition of Signpost, we commemorate Remembrance Sunday, discover Captain Sir Tom Moore's latest challenge to combat loneliness, and explore some handy tips for online shopping ahead of the festive season.

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Russn Fckr Kr V5A S4J Dj A Unsplash

Join the SMT Creative Club

Inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club (Channel 4), we have set up the People's Creative Club for our residents, staff and volunteers. A chance to get creative, boost your well-being and bust the boredom of lockdown by getting involved.

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Signpost 28 (2 November)

We have a great selection of suggestions for you this week that range from Pam Ayres talking about Brussels Sprouts, the American presidential elections and what words were added to the dictionary in the year that you were born.

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Bowl of soup

Signpost 27 (26 October)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week you can find out about All Saints' Day, arm knitting, rubbish pet portraits and the best autumn recipes.

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Signpost 25 (12 October)

Welcome to Signpost. This week you can read reflections on Black History Month, explore Bristol Cathedral and enjoy a bit of 'Carpool Karaoke'.

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Signpost 24 (5 October)

Welcome to Signpost. This week you can explore the presidential debate in the USA, the Bristol bus boycott and Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads. Plus much more!

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Brighton 122824

Signpost 21 (14 September)

In this week's Signpost we celebrate the British pub, learn how to self-reflect, and browse the exhibits of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

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Signpost 20

Signpost 20 (7 September)

In this week's Signpost we look back on comics of yesteryear, delve deeper into political scandals and reflect on some very pertinent anniversaries.

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Mount Vesuvius

Signpost 19 (24 August)

Welcome to Signpost. This week we mark 1,924 years since Vesuvius erupted, showcase the early work of David Attenborough and find out the history of NATO. Plus much more!

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Luggage ready for summer holiday

Signpost 18 (17 August)

Welcome to Signpost. This week you can enjoy virtual travel across the world, learn about mindfulness and experience the tallest roller coaster in the world.

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Milk way

Signpost 16 (3 August)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week you can consider what makes us human, enjoy a spot of opera and browse NASA's library of images and videos, plus much more.

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Written music

Signpost 15 (27 July)

This week you can watch video guides to how to use Zoom, Skype and Facebook for keeping in touch, enjoy Beethoven's 9th, and find out about the life of Dame Maggie Smith (and much more).

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Field of crops

Signpost 14 (20 July)

​This week you can find out about Grotto Day, learn how to sing for better breathing, and delve into the world of crop circles.

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Herbs on a background

Signpost 13 (13 July)

In Signpost this week you can delve into the world of culinary herbs, ​enjoy a Christian meditation and watch highlights of Michael McIntyre's Big Show.

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Sourdough bread

Signpost 12 (6 July)

This week we have a guest editor. Adam Rees brings us his top links and activities from around the internet including a virtual stroll on the sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr, a recipe for sourdough bread and some classic Welsh anthems to sing along to.

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Signpost 11 (29 June)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week you can see how artists are responding to the pandemic with new creations, learn how to make a summer cocktail, revisit the Glastonbury Festival and much more.

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Inside the chapel at Cote Lane

Signpost 10 (22 June)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week you can celebrate Founders' Day with us, enjoy a 10 minute workout, or catch up on '50 things that made the modern economy'. Plus much more!

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Stonehenge at night

Signpost 9 (15 June)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week we mark 45 years since Jaws was released at the cinema, learn about the history of Stonehenge in relation to the solstices and find out what YouTube is all about.

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Wooden sign

Signpost 8 (8 June)

Welcome to Signpost. This week you can watch possibly the greatest film of all time, Citizen Kane, or browse a photographic record of lockdown from photographers, artists and the public. Plus much more!

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Facebook on a computer

What is Facebook?

Ever wondered what Facebook is all about? Read our handy guide to what it is, how to use it and what the jargon means.

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Confetti falling

Signpost 7 (1 June)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week you can learn how to paint with watercolours with our volunteer Jacqui or even watch a virtual concert from Redmaids' High School, amongst other ideas to brighten your week.

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Blue artwork

Signpost 6 (25 May)

Welcome to the 6th edition of Signpost. Each week we provide a selection of links to websites, videos and activities that we hope you will find interesting. This week, for example, you could learn to play the spoons, browse changes in fashion since the 1920s or even submit some art for our Creative Club.

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Watercolour paints

How to paint with watercolours

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint? One of our St Monica Trust volunteers Jacqui has produced this wonderful video tutorial on how to paint with watercolours.

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Inside a museum

Signpost 5 (18 May)

Welcome to the fifth issue of Signpost where you can find resources and activities to keep you busy this week, including how to visit the Chelsea Flower Show online, try a beginner's class in Tai Chi or tour the world's greatest museums.

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Mobile phone on desk

What is social media?

Social media is one of those terms that seems to have come from nowhere in the last few years. Friends and family talk about it, supermarkets talk about it, even GP surgeries are referring people to social media for more information. It is often used alongside other words like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It is assumed that everyone knows what these mean; but do we?

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Flowers in a field

Signpost 4 (11 May)

From Louis Armstrong to online chess, the fourth issue of our Signpost email directs you to lots of new resources and activities to take part in this week.

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Austin Chan Ukz Hlkoz1 Ie Unsplash

Signpost 3 (05 May)

From introducing new faces to revisiting moments of the past, the third issue of our Signpost email directs you to lots of new resources and activities to take part in this week.

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Jake Givens Ocwm Wi Nawgs Unsplash

Relax with Headspace

During these times of uncertainty, it can be useful to take some time out to relax and reflect. We have brought together a collection of meditations that could help.

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Chuttersnap 6Jki Vl4Mwws Unsplash

Introducing Our Newest Chaplain

In the last few weeks, we have been delighted to welcome Rod Cosh as our new Chaplain. He has recorded a service to commemorate the centenary of the foundation stone being laid at the chapel in Cote Lane.

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Volodymyr Hryshchenko D Wqj D9 Acr M Unsplash

Signpost 2 (27 April)

We're back with our second issue of Signpost, our weekly email highlighting fantastic online resources for older people during the coronavirus period. Didn't receive a copy? Read it here.

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Take an Online Dance Class

Take an Online Dance Class

29th April is International Dance Day, which promotes dance in all its forms. Why not take the opportunity to try one of these free online dance classes?

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New Coronavirus Support Hub in Bristol

New Coronavirus Support Hub in Bristol

The Support Hub has been set up by a range of charities including Age UK Bristol, Bristol After Stroke and St Monica Trust to help older people and their families to cope with the impact of the coronavirus.

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Adam Niescioruk 9 Chfw Zzv4Ys Unsplash

How to Make a Video Call

Is now the time to learn about video calls? If your family is always asking you to Skype, Facetime or Zoom, now might be the time to learn what this means.

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1 1 C Second

Try a Seated Exercise Class

Keeping yourself fit and active can be difficult right now but there are lots of classes online that help with that. Why not try this seated exercise class from our physiotherapy team?

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Hans Peter Gauster 3Y1Z F4H Ipcg Unsplash

Get puzzling!

Fancy a game? We've put together a list of online puzzles and quizzes to explore if you've got a little free time.

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