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Signpost 44 (1 March)

Croeso i Signpost! Welcome to Signpost!

In celebration of St. Davids Day on March 1st, this issue will showcase Welsh culture, history and language. For reasons of impartiality, we won’t be mentioning rugby or the Six Nations at the moment! We hope you enjoy what we have on offer.


  • R. S. Thomas is one of Wales’ greatest poets and was also an Anglican priest who was well known for religious themes and a strong sense of spirituality. You can listen to him reciting his poem “In Church” here . You may also enjoy Richard Burton reciting two poems, “The Priest and the Peasant” and “The Lonely Farmer” here. If you would like to find out more about R.S. Thomas, the Poetry Foundation has an interesting article about his life here.


  • The internet is a great resource for finding out more about faraway countries and languages, but you can also explore things on your doorstep! If you have ever fancied learning Welsh, why not try these ‘Welsh for Beginners’ videos. If you are willing to open an account then you could also try learning the language with Duolingo or LearnWelsh.




  • If you are looking for something to cheer you up, watch an episode or two of Gavin and Stacey! It does require you to log in to BBC iPlayer, but you can watch all of the episodes and enjoy some behind the scenes videos.

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