In keeping with our approach to meeting the needs of our service users, many of whom are older people, and our obligations under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), we will ensure that our website is accessible to people who have visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments.

Making our website accessible is a core aim of the St Monica Trust and we will try and ensure that it is usable with a broad range of operating systems, browsers, and specialist assistive technologies.

As a standard, we employ all the following methods to ensure our site is accessible to as many people as possible:

  • All images have an alternative text description
  • We are committed to using plain English in all our written content
  • Our site has been designed without the use of tables except where we need to represent normally tabulated content i.e. timetables
  • A non-serif font is used for easier readability (other than in titles)
  • We do not use all-capitals for emphasis
  • Our site can be viewed in a logical order when all styling is turned off
  • When using a tablet or mobile device, pinch zoom can be used to magnify the content

Helping you make your computer easier to use

To find out more about making your computer more accessible and easy to use, have a look at AbilityNet’s website. They have a range of tips and suggestions relating to accessibility issues.

If there is an instance when our site does not meet the need of a specific disabled user group we will make changes to our current content, wherever appropriate, so that we can become more inclusive to a wider audience. Please contact us if this is the case by emailing

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