Signpost 20

Signpost 20 (7 September)

Welcome back to Signpost, the weekly collection of activities, stories and online links from the St Monica Trust team. 84 years ago this week Buddy Holly was born, 54 years ago this week the first ever episode of Star Trek aired and 19 years ago this week the September 11th attacks occurred in the United States of America.



  • 57 years ago this week President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon following his resignation and near impeachment. You can test your knowledge of U.S. political scandals here.
  • In 2017 Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders were awarded the Aardman Slapstick Comedy Legend Award. They were presented the award in Bristol during a 3-hour celebration of their work, presented by Mel Giedroyc. You can watch the whole show here.
  • The American artist Grandma Moses was born on September 7th 1860. You can find out more about her life and work here.


  • Live Music Now is a UK-wide initiative that uses musicians from across the UK to deliver thousands of interactive music programmes in care homes, hospitals, and a range of community settings. During the lockdown, Live Music Now produced a fantastic range of videos that can be easily accessed online. Have a look at the whole selection here.


  • Do you remember ‘The Bash Street Kids’? Explore the main characters from the comics here and remind yourself of the broader Beano here

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