Beethoven Symphony

Signpost 15 (27 July)

This week you can watch video guides to how to use Zoom, Skype and Facebook for keeping in touch, enjoy Beethoven's 9th, and find out about the life of Dame Maggie Smith (and much more).

This is the 15th edition of signpost and we are glad that you are still enjoying it.

119 years ago this week, fingerprints were used for identification for the first time. 246 years ago, Joseph Priestley discovered Oxygen, and 47 years ago this week, George Lucas’ film “American Graffiti” premiered.


  • 1 August is Lammas Day, the celebration of the first harvest. You can find out more about Lammas here.


  • Our wonderful IT team have produced these fantastic video guides to using Zoom, Skype and Facebook Video for keeping in touch with our loved-ones. You can watch them here.


  • The lockdown has changed things for everyone, but some people have found ways of adjusting to the new reality and using innovation and creativity to maintain connections. Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra have set a fantastic example by producing this video of Beethoven’s 9th symphony with each musician performing in isolation.



  • Are you a fan of Dame Maggie Smith? Watch her fascinating interview with the British Film Institute talking about Downton Abbey, her career and how she doesn’t like to watch her own films.


• The television series “A house through time” has been very popular during lockdown and is a documentary that tells the story of one house in Bristol from its original construction to the modern day. You can watch all 7 episodes here.

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