Signpost 42 (15 February)

Good afternoon,

Welcome back to this weeks’ Signpost. Many of us will be preparing for the beginning of Lent and possibly be making pancakes on Tuesday evening. We have some different ideas for pancake fillings in this weeks’ Signpost, as well some more information and reflections for Ash Wednesday and Lent.

We also have a very interesting article about the Bristol ‘hum’, an interesting phenomenon that apparently only people over 50 in the area can hear! Have a look below.

This week in 1965, Canada adopted the maple leaf flag as its’ national flag, in 1969 popstars Lulu and Maurice Gibb got married in Buckinghamshire, and in 1978, Leon Spinx beat Mohammed Ali to become heavyweight champion of the world.


  • This week is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Many people will begin their fasting this week and you can find out more about this through this useful fact sheet. The Church of England is also producing daily lent reflections which can be sent to your email every day between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. You can sign up for these emails here.


  • In times when we cannot travel outside our local area, the 'World Travel Photographer of the Year' competition gives us glimpses of faraway places, different cultures and an array of wildlife. You can see the winners of all of 2020’s categories here, and you can browse the other winners since 2011 here.


  • Have you heard the hum? Since the 1970's many Bristol residents have complained of a loud and regular humming sound. Not everyone can hear it, and over the years it has become the stuff of legend. You can read a BBC article about it here and watch a short video about it here.
  • It’s Shrove Tuesday this week and many of us will be making pancakes, but how do you like yours? The BBC Good Food website has a great selection of sweet and savoury pancake filling ideas here.



  • While we all know the dramas that can happen behind closed doors of committees and meetings, Handforth parish council has become an internet sensation over the past few weeks after a video of their online council meeting was shared online. You can read an article about the parish council and how it hit the headlines here.

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