Valentines Day hearts

Signpost 41 (8 February)

Roses are red,

Burnt bread is toast,

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As we march on into mid-February, we quickly come upon the 14th February and the feast of St. Valentine. To celebrate, this weeks’ issue is the love edition; looking at the history of the saint, other related saints, and the importance of love in our lives.

We hope you enjoy - and if you have any ideas for future themed issues please let us know. We continue to have fantastic feedback from our readers and we are always delighted to hear from you.


  • In 2016, photographer Holly Wren put together an exhibition called “Love Lived” with the aim of showing that that experiences of love are universal and transcend the boundaries of age. The exhibition featured people, all over 70, telling their universal and timeless experiences of love. The Guardian produced this piece about the exhibition, but you can explore all of their stories on the Love Lived website if you choose “stories”. Why not hear directly from Rita, Jim, Alan or Chitra?


  • Signpost often suggests links to programmes and radio broadcasts on the BBC, and for a long time, these were accessible without logging in. A Signpost reader recently got in touch to point out that you can now only access BBC programmes if you have a BBC account. It is free to get one of these and the BBC has put together some guides to help. Click here for a useful explanation of how to register for an account and click here to go through the account registration step by step. At each stage, you can click on “what’s this for” to get an explanation of each question. The first page confirms that you are over 13, the second page needs you to confirm your date of birth, and the third page requires you to type in your email address and choose a password that you will use to login in the future. It also asks for your gender and postcode.
  • You may remember Redmaid's student Esther performed some beautiful poems and violin pieces for us back in January as part of her Bat Mitzvah, and we are glad to share her video for February with you, which includes readings of the poems 'A Hymn to the Evening' by Phillis Wheatley and 'Explained' by A. A. Milne, as well as a beautiful violin recital of 'Schindler's List' by John Williams.


  • February 14th has become one of the most commercial dates in the calendar these days, with the UK spending an estimated £15 billion on cards and gifts. This article from History Extra explains the history of St. Valentines - all the way back to ancient Rome.


  • Talking of hearts, are you doing enough to keep yours strong? The British Heart Foundation has this article and video showing 10 strength exercises to keep the blood pumping and help you maintain your health and independence.


  • If you enjoy a romantic comedy, why don’t you try “Love Life”, a romantic comedy TV series that you can watch on BBC iPlayer (see above for details on how to get a BBC account)?

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