Signpost 11 (29 June)

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. This week you can see how artists are responding to the pandemic with new creations, learn how to make a summer cocktail, revisit the Glastonbury Festival and much more.

Welcome to this week’s signpost, we hope you enjoy our selection of interesting and entertaining resources online.

92 years ago this week, the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928 came into effect allowing all men and women over 21 the ability to vote, 83 years ago this week the 999 emergency services number was launched and 23 years ago this week Hong Kong returned to Chinese control after a century and a half of British colonial rule.


  • In addition to our own fantastic Pastoral Care Team, you can also access support from resources such as You can call their support line on 0300 323 9952 to find connections to local churches and arrange regular friendly phone calls.


  • Art can serve as both a means of connection and of healing - for maker and audience alike. You can watch here to find out about how artists of all kinds are responding to the pandemic with new creations.


  • With such lovely summer weather, a new cocktail or mocktail is the perfect refreshment! You can visit the Royal Voluntary Service’s Virtual Village hall and learn how to make an “English Garden” cocktail or mocktail from the manager of Harrods cocktail bar. You can find the recipe and the lesson here.
  • The Zoological Society of London produces a regular audio documentary (podcast) called Wild Science which delves into topical issues in zoology, conservation and the environment, from saving species and protecting the planet, to finding out about the animals living across the globe, including in London’s own river Thames. You can see the whole selection of episodes here.


  • If you are looking for ideas to be more creative then why not try the Inspiration bank. With short creative tasks to make you more creative, you might decide to see what the most creative thing you can do with a plastic bottle, or go for a walk see how many interesting objects you can spot. Give it a go!


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