Signpost 29 (9 November)

Good afternoon,

Signpost was first created to provide a curated list of resources from the internet to keep you entertained during the lockdown and proceeding months. We have had great responses from our readers, with many appreciating the broad range of suggestions.

As we enter the second lockdown, Signpost will continue to be brought to you each Monday and provide a wide variety of suggestions to keep you busy throughout November and beyond.

98 years ago this week, Albert Einstein was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for physics, the Berlin Wall was opened 31 years ago this week and on 11 November 1918, World War I ended when the allied powers and Germany signed an armistice document.


  • Remembrance Sunday was on the 8 November this year, commemorating both the end of World War I and all who have served to defend our democratic freedom and way of life. The British Legion has a guide to the Act of Remembrance, and you can watch the Remembrance Sunday commemorations from Whitehall in London here.


  • Being in lockdown until the beginning of December, many people are now going online to do their Christmas shopping. This can be confusing, but Digital Unite have produced a guide to buying online. Let us know if you buy anything!




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