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Signpost 52 (4 May)

As the weather improves and restrictions start to ease, we hope you are all beginning to see people safely again and get out and about more. Hopefully, you still have time for our weekly selection of articles from across the World Wide Web!

This week in 1926 Britain's first general strike in support of the miners started and ended on 12th May. In 1951, King George VI opened the Festival of Britain. It was built on an old bomb site near Waterloo Station in London. In 1979, the Conservative Party won the general election, making Margaret Thatcher Britain's first woman Prime Minister.



  • Several elections are happening on Thursday 6th May 2021, partially as some were delayed from last year. If you aren’t sure which elections are going on in your area, the website can help you out. Type your postcode in and it will give you a list of the elections in your area and details of all of the candidates.




  • Pinocchio would have only been able to tell 13 lies… scientists at Leicester University have tested how long the wooden character's nose could have grown! Read here to find out more.

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