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Signpost 30 (16 November)

Good afternoon,

Each week we like to remember the anniversaries of historical events. From births and deaths to political events and film premiers, the Signpost time machine has commemorated over 300 dates since it began earlier this year. Some weeks are more difficult than others to provide a good range of occasions, but this week we were awash with historic events. Each of the links in this week’s Signpost are connected to things that happened during this week throughout history. We hope that you enjoy this Signpost, and please keep in touch with feedback and suggested future content.

51 years ago this week, the Apollo 12 mission landed on the moon, 28 years ago a fire damaged a major part of Windsor Castle, and 26 years ago Camelot conducted the first National Lottery draw.






  • To celebrate the 73rd wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, test your knowledge with this Royalty quiz!

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