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Signpost 4 (11 May)

From Louis Armstrong to online chess, the fourth issue of our Signpost email directs you to lots of new resources and activities to take part in this week.

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Welcome to newest issue of SIGNPOST, the weekly curated list of activities from the St. Monica Trust. Each week we look across the internet to find activities, websites and other opportunities that can get you interested, keep you connected or just make you smile.

During this week in history, Louis Armstrong recorded the Christian hymn and jazz standard “When the Saints go marching in” in 1938, Winston Churchill made his first speech as Prime Minister in 1940 and in 1997, the IBM Computer “The Deep Blue” defeated Garry Kasparov in a six-game chess match.




  • While the SS Great Britain might be closed during the pandemic, you can still learn more about it through some fantastic videos from the Museum staff here.


  • Are you missing a partner for chess? This website lets you play chess online. If you click on 'level 2' next to the word 'computer' you can decide how difficult you want your opponent to be and can choose whether to play as black or white.



  • 80 years ago this week, The British Secretary of State for War Anthony Eden announced the creation of the Local Defence Volunteers (LDV) who later became known as the "The Home Guard". You can watch 2 episodes of the classic comedy series “Dads Army” here.

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