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Signpost 56 (31 May)


  • We often get so caught up in this busy world that we sacrifice time for self-reflection and self-care. While there are times when we need to be productive and driven, there are also times when we need to connect with our inner self and be aware of what is happening in the here and now. The more thorough the process of self-reflection, the better we recognize our thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs for what they really are. This article looks at the benefits of self-reflection.


  • Do you need sometimes need some guidance when using your email, computer or mobile phone? The Tech Support Guy provides free computer help through a set of forums that encourages people to help each other. If you would like to ask a question then you need to sign up for the website, which can be done here, but you can search through and find answers to existing questions without logging in. You can find a list of asked questions for web and emails, computers, iPhones and other mobile phones.


  • One of the world's most important collections of marble busts and statues from ancient Greece and Rome has recently gone on public view in Rome for the first time since World War Two. The BBC's David Willey is one of the very few people who had seen them before, and he writes about them here.

  • The Girl Guides were formally established in June of 1910 and continues to change lives and build a better world through leadership development, community action, service to others, peer education and advocacy. You can find out more about the Girl Guides here and their history here.
  • National Trust properties are slowly opening up after lockdown, but if you aren’t ready to get out then their website has a treasure trove of information. Try their article called “Celebrating 125 treasures in our collections” which showcases artistic masterpieces, vast tapestries and precious personal possessions.



  • If you are looking for a good old-fashioned giggle, you can go wrong with Miranda. The BBC series ran for three seasons and had two special episodes, following the protagonist, Miranda, her mother and her friends all getting through life and falling down a lot! You can watch all of the episodes here.

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