Waves in ocean

Signpost 40 (1 February)

Good afternoon,

Welcome to February - the days are feeling longer already!

We have a great selection for you to explore this week and hope that you enjoy.

69 years ago this week, King George VI died and his eldest daughter, Elizabeth, became Queen. 29 years ago this week the Maastricht Treaty was signed, 133 years ago Groundhog Day was celebrated for the first time, and 56 years ago “Beatlemania” arrived in America.


  • The Church of England offers a new prayer every day, available on their website. You can find the most recent prayer here and join in with thousands of others reciting the same words of worship.


  • Have you heard people talking about QR codes? It has become a term well used this year as the government used them to encourage people to check in to restaurants and bars, but what are they? You may have seen them without knowing. They are everywhere - from restaurants and shops, to on the side of supermarket products and in magazines. These little squares filled with a seemingly random pattern of black and white shapes are like barcodes but can hold so much more information. You can find out more about them through this article in The Telegraph and you can read about how the inventor of the QR code feels about their use in tackling COVID-19 here.




  • Neal Agarwal is a website designer who likes to create interesting and beautiful websites for fun! His Deep-Sea website allows you to travel to the bottom of the ocean and see the types of life you will see on your way. Just scroll your mouse, drag your finger or press down on your keyboard to explore the depths.

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