Executive team

David Williams

Chief Executive – David Williams

As CEO, I have overall responsibility for ensuring that we deliver the Care and Support services our residents, customers and communities want in the way that they want them. I’m  committed to making sure that the Trust provides great employment conditions so we are able to recruit and retain the best staff. Balancing the finances is also key so we can deliver certainty and security through being financially sustainable. I also want to develop new villages and services so that we can meet the needs of older people now and into the future, continuing the Trust’s tradition as a national leader in our sector. 

What really drives me is translating what I hear from residents, customers, communities, staff and trustees into practical changes to the way we provide services and enhancing and developing  the nature of both current and future environments. I love being the CEO of such a special organisation, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of older people both as a direct provider but also through the sharing of knowledge and practice across the sector. It really is my dream job.

Rob Whetton

Deputy CEO & Director of Finance – Rob Whetton

Rob joined the Trust in 2000 and since 2015 has been the Deputy CEO and Director of Finance with responsibility for the Trust’s financial functions, its cash flow and banking arrangements, and leading the management of new site developments. Prior to joining the Trust, Rob qualified as an accountant with Rolls Royce and worked for a number of other manufacturing companies. During his time working for the Trust, he has particularly welcomed the opportunity to support the expansion of services to provide help to people in our care homes, in our villages and in their own homes.

Kevin Hall

Chief Operating Officer - Kevin Hall

Having taken up his role in November 2018, Kevin oversees the Trust’s care and facilities directorates. Passionate about working with his colleagues to make improvements for the benefit of all of our residents and staff, Kevin brings over 25 years’ experience from the retail and care sectors to designing new processes and systems at the Trust. He is excited by the opportunity to help create further market-leading retirement communities for the future, provide even better care for our residents and support the best quality employees with the right structures.    

Rachel Baker

Director of Marketing and Communications – Rachel Baker

Rachel is responsible for overseeing the Trust’s activities in marketing, communications, audience development and competitor insight. She views the role as important in ensuring that appropriate funds are available for reinvestment in the future of the Trust. With a view to communication, Rachel values the challenge of working with colleagues to redefine and communicate new approaches to the needs of older people. Rachel takes great pride in the Trust’s enthusiasm in improving the lives of older people both within the Trust and the wider community. Looking forward, she is excited by the prospect of further development to the Trust’s existing services and the subsequent benefits to customers and staff who have invested their lives into the Trust.

Ian Joyner

Director of Facilities, Hospitality and Commercial Operations - Ian Joyner

As the Director of Facilities, Hospitality and Commercial Operations, Ian Joyner has worked in the hospitality industry since 1982. He believes in supporting and working alongside colleagues to provide opportunities for personal growth and development which in turn benefits the trust. Looking to the future Ian believes the Trust needs to continue building skills and supporting the workforce in order to meet and exceed changing customer expectations from present and future residents at St Monica Trust. 

Julie Haydon

Director of People - Julie Haydon

Julie has been Director of People at the Trust since 2008. She values working in a forward thinking and value driven organisation, specifically advocating the Trusts values of ‘we are people people’ and ‘we are caring’. Prior to joining the Trust Julie spent 14 years working within the NHS and aims to make St Monica Trust a flagship employer within the care and hospitality sector.  Looking to the future, Julie is driven to ensure that the Trust is continually embracing new opportunities and innovative ways of learning therefore continually attracting and retaining great talent within the workforce. 

Sara Naylor-Wild

Director of Development and Research – Sara Naylor-Wild

As Director of Development and Research, Sara believes the most important aspect of her role is planning and monitoring the delivery of the Trust’s 5 year Strategic Plan. With over 30 years’ experience in care, health and housing services including her role inspector for the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI). Sara highlights the positive energy and interaction in every quarter of the Trust from colleagues to residents alike. Looking to the future of the Trust, Sara views the changing nature of how we think about each generation of older people as both an exciting and challenging prospect for the Trust.

Donna McDermott

Director of Operations – Donna McDermott

As Director of Operations, Donna is responsible for all the Trust's care services. Donna values the challenge of supporting residents and customers to get the most out of what both the Trust and the greater community has to offer to enable individuals to enjoy a fulfilling life. The most important aspect of her role involves strategically influencing the Trust to deliver high quality services. Looking to the future Donna believes the Trust needs to continue to strive to meet the aspirations of both existing and future staff, residents and customers. 

Debbie Harris-Brandi

Clinical Director – Debbie Harris-Brandi

As Clinical Director, Debbie is responsible for providing the Trust with strategic leadership and direction for all clinical and specialist care matters, and leading a quality assurance framework to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

With an extensive background focusing on the care of older people in both the health and social care sectors,  Debbie’s focus revolves around supporting colleagues to deliver high quality and professional clinical care for the benefit of the Trust’s residents and customers. Debbie values the dynamic work of the Trust and believes that the St Monica Trust is well positioned to become a sector leader in the delivery of innovative care.

Greg Schofield

Head of IT – Greg Schofield

Having joined the St Monica Trust in 2008, Greg is determined to ensure that the technology infrastructure of the Trust is safe, sustainable and ready to grow in line with the Trust itself. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Greg is aware of the ever changing nature of technology trends, he views the interpretation of these trends in relation to the future of the Trust as a vital aspect of his role. Greg is unwavering meeting the increased demands on technology across the trust, by both staff and residents. In the forthcoming years, Greg believes that the challenge for the Trust will be in providing more technology directly to residents across all sites.