Values of St Monica Trust

Our values

Close to our hearts

We’re proud of the positive effect we have on the lives of older people. We think we’ve achieved this by living the values that are closest to our hearts.

Our values reflect who we are, how we do things and what we want to be. We plan our care and support around them and use them in all our daily interactions, so they’re always in our hearts and minds.

Our values

We are people people

We build communities for life where everyone can contribute. We create environments and services in which people are valued, included and respected.

We are caring

Our legacy of compassion remains our central focus. We care about everything that affects people’s lives.

We are honest

We are open, we communicate clearly. We ask questions and we listen, so that everyone’s voice is heard.

We are responsive

We adapt to changing times and individual needs. We offer choice and take every opportunity to improve and enrich people’s lives.

We are inspirational

We continuously learn, innovate, grow and improve. We influence excellence in our field.

We are dedicated

We are proud to commit our charitable resources to get the best results possible for residents, customers and the wider community.

We are St Monica Trust

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