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Join the SMT Creative Club

Inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club (Channel 4), we have set up the SMT Creative Club for our residents, staff and volunteers. A chance to get creative, boost your well-being and bust the boredom of lockdown by getting involved.

So whoever you are, however artistic or not you consider yourself, this project is about trying things out and bringing us together through our creativity.

Why get involved?

Many of us are experiencing high levels of worry, stress, and adversities at this time. Strong research evidence shows that art and creative activity can:

  • help with mental and emotional well-being
  • help support longer lives better lived
  • increase confidence, feelings of achievement, and be fun
  • provide moments of calm and recuperation

How to get involved in the People's Creative Club

1) Work on your own ‘lockdown creation'

It can be a drawing, painting, sculpture in clay, paper or wire, a poem - whatever you like! Find something that inspires you, makes you smile, brings back lovely memories, or represents an aspect of your life at the moment.

2) Snap & share

We’d love you to share photos of your creative work with us either via email on (with the name of your work, and if you wish your name and location). And/or post on Twitter using #SMTCreativeClub and #C4ArtClub.

Our gallery wall

Img 20200618 Wa0000

Hand painted cards by Tracey, volunteer

Peter Collage

Round the Park Looking South and Peony Rose Bush, watercolours by Peter (resident)

Jill And Sally Collage

Matching sweaters for my grandchildren by Jill, resident (left), and repurposed chair by Sally, staff member (right)

Linda Collage

Doodle cards in gel pen by Linda, volunteer

Zoe Collage 1
Zoe Collage 2
Zoe Collage 3

Selection of artworks by Zoe, staff member

"A selection of my lockdown artwork after not painting for 27 years. All done outside of working hours to help deal and reflect mentally during this surreal time."

Knitted Bears By Laura

Knitted SMT Bears by Laura, staff member

Jana 1

'Pat the horse' by Jana, staff member.

"I am meeting Pat on my daily walk... One day I found a rock in shape of heart nearby, so I have decided to paint Pat, as we became very good friends. The rock is going to be hidden somewhere in Bristol for other people to find and re-hide."

Valerie And Julie

Scarf, hat and mittens for an orphanages overseas by St Monica Trust resident Valerie (left) and calligraphy by Julie, staff member (right)

2 Dogs

'Arch' by Charlie, staff (left) and 'My Dog Alfie' by Emma, staff (right)

Alice Oreilly

Portraits in oil, pencil and watercolour by Alice, staff member

Sarah Abbotts

Colonel Tom and PPE Nurse knitted bears by Sarah, staff member

Linda Page

Scrub caps by Linda, staff member

Kids Art

Bouncy Spider by Samuel, relative of staff member (left), and sloth mural by Sally, staff member (right)

"I should have seen the hairdresser
Long ago, back in early spring,
But now it’s become rebellious
And is doing its own thing"

The Dilemma, a poem by staff member Sheena, is available to read in full here.

About Grayson Perry’s Art Club Programmes on Channel 4

In his new 'Art Club' Grayson enthuses about art of all kinds, and chats about the positive difference doing creative things can have on people’s well-being.

He talks to artists, creatives, celebrities and viewers in their homes or workplace about art and the lockdown. There are lots of great photos of viewers’ creations they’ve sent in. Grayson’s top picks of viewers’ art works are not the ones we might expect; he is taken by the expressiveness of what a person has created and the emotions it lights up, rather than how ‘good’, ‘finished’ or realistic a representation it might be.

During the programme we follow two guest celebs each having a go at a creative piece at home. GrSaayson also produces a piece of his own based on the theme for the episode.