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Signpost 50 (19 April)

On the 20th April 2020, we sent out the first Signpost email that shared links including a reflection on social distancing and faith, St George’s Day and Reverend Richard Coles. This is now our 50th edition, and over the last 49 issues, we have brought you a vast amount of links, videos and articles from all over the world and web.

Last week we asked for your feedback on Signpost, and we were delighted to get so many replies. Some people happily felt that they didn’t need weekly suggestions, but many people said that they enjoyed reading the email and found it informative. We are glad that it has been a useful resource during these tough times and we hope that we can continue to provide the support that you need going forward.


  • On the 23rd of March, there was a National Day of Reflection to mark one year of coronavirus, led by Marie Curie. Marie Cure produced this 35-minute video titled “A Moment of Reflection” that was filmed on 23rd March and included the thoughts, words and songs from author and poet Michael Morpurgo, actor Jim Carter, broadcaster, actress and novelist Janet Ellis and many more for this moment of reflection.





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