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Explore Bygone Bristol

Do you remember Bristol before Castle Park? Here are some of our favourite ways to revisit the history of the city.

1) Explore this Bygone Bristol photo collection on Pinterest

Ranging back to the early 1900s this collection of 500+ photos from across the city captures a real snapshot of its history.

2) Watch an episode of the 'Urban Movie Chat' series from 1920

The series intended to show American audiences the highlights of Bristol life at the time.

3) Tune into 'Bristol, a British city' from 1951

The film was produced by the City Council to promote Bristol as a destination for industry, culture and development. Unusually for the time it had a female director, Mary Francis. Francis had a short career as a director for World Wide Pictures, but this was her last film.

4) Rebuild after at the Blitz

This film from 1959 explores the redevelopment of Bristol’s city centre after the Blitz. It’s great to see some familiar landmarks but also to appreciate how much the city has changed.