Mount Vesuvius

Signpost 19 (24 August)

Welcome to this week's Signpost.

From scorching heat to rainy days, we are really enjoying a good old fashioned British Summer! We have another exciting selection of resources for you.

101 years ago this week daily flights started between London and Paris, 71 years ago this week The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) entered into force and 14 years ago Pluto was demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet.


  • With so much uncertainty it is useful to take time to reflect. The Pastoral Care Team regularly record video reflections and these can be found here:



  • 1,924 years ago Vesuvius erupted, destroying the Roman town of Pompeii. You can read about the excavations here or you can visit the archaeological sites here.

  • The BBC currently have an impressive collection of films showcasing the early work of Sir David Attenborough. You can browse them here.



  • Next weekend was due to be the annual Notting Hill Carnival. As it has been cancelled due to coronavirus you can join in an online carnival here.

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