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Try a Seated Exercise Class

Keeping yourself fit and active can be difficult right now but there are lots of classes online that help with that. Why not try this seated exercise class from our physiotherapy team?

Just remember, two of the most important things about exercising; safety and enjoyment, so only do what you feel you can do comfortably. Always start new exercises gently and carefully to avoid an injury. If you can manage the exercises without any problems, you can gradually increase the number of repetitions. Discontinue any exercises that make you feel in any way worse rather than better. Stop immediately if you experience chest pain, dizziness or severe shortness of breath and contact your GP (dial 999 if you feel very unwell and your symptoms do not go away after you stop exercising).

Shoulder Circles

1) Shoulder circles (10 reps)

  • Sitting up in your chair, move your shoulders in a circular pattern as shown so that you are moving in an up, back and down direction
  • Perform small circles if needed for comfort
Toe Heel

2) Toe and Heel Raises (10 reps)

  • Slowly lift both heels, keeping toes flat on the floor
  • Replace your feet flat on the floor
  • Then lift your foot as high as possible, keeping your heels flat on the floor Repeat to tap toes then heels on the floor
Leg Straight

3) Leg Straightening (5 reps)

  • Straighten one leg keeping the back of your thigh on the chair seat
  • Pull your foot up towards you
  • Hold this for a count of five and relax Repeat with the other leg

4) Marching (5 reps)

  • Lift right knee up as far as possible and replace your foot flat on the floor
  • Repeat with the other leg and ‘march’ in your chair
Overhead Reach

5) Overhead Reach (3 reps)

  • Stretch one arm up in the air
  • Reach to the ceiling and hold for 5 seconds
  • Relax and repeat with the other arm
  • If you can, repeat with both arms together
Pelvic Tilt

6) Pelvic Tilts (10 reps)

  • Sit up straight
  • Arch your low back and then flatten it repeatedly
  • Your pelvis should tilt forward and back during the movement

7) Reaching (3 reps)

  • Place one hand over the side of the chair
  • Reach the hand down towards the floor
  • Sit up and then repeat to the other side
Sit To Stand

8) Sit to Stand (3 reps)

  • Move your bottom to the front to the front edge of your seat
  • Lean forwards and come into a standing upright position
  • Try not to use your arms if possible

Need some further advice?

If you have any questions you can contact the Physiotherapists at St Monica Trust on 0117 9494038 / 0117 3773739 / 0117 3637121