Signpost 23 (28 September)

Welcome to Signpost.

We are already at the end of September! This has been a hectic and stressful year for everyone and we are glad to continue to provide a regular list of interesting and entertaining resources from across the internet.

229 years ago this week, Mozart’s opera, the Magic Flute premiered, 191 years ago this week, Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police, 86 years ago this week Brigitte Bardot was born and 71 years ago this week, the People’s Republic of China was established.


  • How do we embrace otherness? In this insightful talk, British actress Thandie Newton shares her reflections on herself, her identity and how she embraced who she really was. Watch Thandie’s talk here.


  • Following on from Thandie Newton’s talk above, Have you heard of TED talks? TED talks have been running for nearly 40 years and involve people from all walks of life presenting short, powerful talks on a range of topics that are “ideas worth spreading”. You can find out more about Ted Talks here and you can choose from any of thousands of talks. If you don’t know where to start why not try the most popular 25 TED Talks here.


  • Headliners is a radio show on BBC Radio 5 Live which presents in depth interviews with a host of big names in entertainment. You can listen to the most recent episode here which features former England cricket captain and TV star Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff.

  • September is usually the time when the Egremont Crab Fair hosts the World Gurning Championships. While this year's championship has been cancelled you can find more about Gurning here and see some of the best faces here!



  • Do you know who founded the Old Vic? Who made her name starring in Funny Girl? Test your knowledge of actors and acting with this quiz.

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