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More about the Russets - Dementia care at its best


The Russets is something very special. It has been designed and built exclusively for people living with dementia. Everything has been created to be as relaxing and friendly as possible for you, removing the stresses and anxieties from everyday life. In fact, its innovative design has even picked up a few awards. It offers a fun, vibrant environment with wonderful gardens and a host of amenities.

Specialist dementia care home

Our staff are specifically trained to care for people living with dementia. Their sensitivity and encouragement is vital in creating a caring environment where you can feel relaxed and secure. Our long-term dementia nursing care provides a stable environment in which you can enjoy purpose and meaning every day.

Respite care lets you take a short break in a specialist dementia setting. Find new interests, enjoy the fresh air, or simply relax... this is your opportunity to take some time out.

Friendliness and freedom

The Russets is made up of five one-storey buildings, referred to as ‘bungalows’. Each bungalow is home to a small group of residents just like you, creating a small and homely community. The interior of each bungalow has been cleverly thought through to make you feel included, never isolated. The bedrooms branch off from a central lounge, for instance, so you see friendly faces when you leave your room. There’s a kitchen next to the lounge, where you can help with preparing snacks or cooking if that’s your passion. Each bungalow is bright and spacious, with big windows to let in natural light. Everything you need to feel confident, happy and to make new friends.

Mobility and safety

The bungalows are all positioned in a circular design, opening out onto a beautiful garden and the Clubhouse; a central hub where you can join in activities or just sit and chat. Being all on one level with no steps means that you can move easily from one place to another. Whether you’re visiting a new friend in a neighbouring bungalow, popping over to the Clubhouse for some arts and crafts, or just enjoying a good book in the garden, you’ll find you can get around everywhere independently. Because the bungalows are all in a safe, enclosed circle, there’s no chance of getting lost. All the while, our staff are on hand to lend support whenever needed.

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