Cote Lane retirement village church chapel jpg

St Augustine’s Chapel in Cote Lane

Cote Lane retirement village was the founding site of the St Monica Trust when it was formed in 1920. The brainchild of Mary Monica Wills who wanted to create a rest home for older people with a ‘splendid and very beautiful chapel’ at its heart. That chapel is the magnificent St Augustine’s which is the focal point for spirituality at Cote Lane.

Chaplain and Pastoral Care Team

Spiritual well-being is important for many residents and is supported by St Monica Trust’s own chaplain and pastoral care team. Available for all, regardless of faith, belief or religion, the team arrange opportunities for regular worship. Together with the Village Manager and Community Engagement Coordinator, they play a pivotal role within village life ensuring everybody’s well-being is being enriched and nurtured.

The Pastoral Care Team can also offer emotional support during difficult or challenging times – listening, comforting and supporting both residents and their family members.

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