Dementia Care in Russets and Sheerwood, North Somerset

Full pay protection announced for care home colleagues

The St Monica Trust is offering its care home colleagues full pay protection for the next twelve months.

The move by the Bristol-based charity will see that no member of staff will be out of pocket due the proposed restructure of the Trust’s care homes.

A proposal that works for everyone

St Monica Trust’s Chief Executive, David Williams said: “We have said throughout the consultation process that we are listening to what our colleagues are telling us and that we want a proposal that works for everyone.

“Pay protection means that the Trust is guaranteeing that no colleagues affected by the proposal will be worse off. There will also be extra shifts available to care home colleagues to help alleviate the impact of rising living costs.

4% pay rise

The Trust is currently consulting with its colleagues regarding the operational restructure of its four care homes across Bristol and North Somerset.

The restructure aims to deliver consistency in the ways of working across all of the Trust’s care homes, improve recruitment and attract new workers into the social care sector.

David Williams said: "All St Monica Trust colleagues were awarded a 4% pay rise this year, which is far higher than the average pay increase for the health and social care sector.

“Combined with the offer of pay protection, this shows how much we appreciate our colleagues and is why we have made the commitment to making sure no one is worse off due to the proposals.”

High-quality accommodation and care

Established in 1920, the St Monica Trust employs more than 1,200 people dedicated to providing high-quality accommodation and care for older people, including residents funded by social services.

The charity has gained national recognition for its pioneering accommodation solutions that enable residents to enjoy and maintain their independence.

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