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Introducing our research

For the St Monica Trust research is a win-win. We're dedicated to using evidence to improve what we do and sharing our expertise with others.

We gather data from inside our own retirement communities and services as well as from the first-rate research work going on across the globe.

We are relying more than ever on up-to-date research findings and intelligence to ensure our decision-making can be as effective and appropriate as possible during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. The priorities for our research work now centre on relevant aspects and impacts of COVID-19 relating to our stakeholders, facilities and services, and will do so for the immediate future.

Meet our Research Team

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    Rachael Dutton

    Covid National Research Project Lead

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Research Collaborations

We're delighted to collaborate with some top organisations on a wide variety of research projects, activities and funding proposals relating to the lives of older people. Recent collaborations include with the University of Bath, City University of London, University of Oxford, University of West England and the University of Bristol. Find out more about these projects using the slider.

University of Bath (2017-2020)

REtirement in ACTion (REACT) – a study to assess the effectiveness of a physical activity intervention designed to reduce mobility disability in older people, completed in May 2020.

Explore the REACT project

City University of London (2019-20)

Collaboration with development work (including stakeholder participation) to broaden out the target user group for the SCAMPI quality of life tool to all older people and to augment its well-being and active ageing aspects.

Explore the SCAMPI tool

University of Oxford (2020)

Exploring the potential of the Pathfinder project for social care settings.

University of West England (2018-19)

Collaboration on a multi-sector Connected and Autonomous Vehicles project called ‘FLOURISH. This investigated and tested issues in providing adequate services for older adults and cyber-security.

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Bristol Robotics Lab, UWE (2018-2019)

Collaboration with the Bristol Robotics Lab and PhD Student & Software Engineer Zeek Steer.

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University of Bristol (2018-2019)

This project with Bristol University explored the role of volunteers in a care settings for older people. Key findings include their range of involvement, level of contribution, the role of coordinators and the idea of an 'army' of volunteers.

Watch a video summary

Studio Meineck (2017-18)

The Musical Memory Box by Bristol-based design studio developed personalised musical memory boxes for a groups of our residents living with dementia.

Explore Musical Memory Box
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Our Research team share our findings at a variety of events and conferences across the UK, including:

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If you’re interested in hearing more about research work at the St Monica Trust or want to touch base about possible partnerships contact Rachael Dutton, Covid National Research Project Lead on