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An illustrated cartoon shows different ages together celebrating National Intergenerational Week

National Intergenerational Week

National Intergenerational Week takes place from 23rd to 29th March 2020. It’s all about celebrating those moments and places where different age groups come together for shared benefit. Join us on #IntergenerationalWeek as we say no to the age gap.

Coronavirus update – 16 March 2020

Nearly 100 organisations have signed up to support National Intergenerational Week from 23-29 March 2020. These organisations represent a wealth of experience and expertise in tacking social isolation and building connections across different age groups in the UK.

So, in line with the latest advice from Public Health England we’re encouraging organisations who might have been planning intergenerational gatherings to instead use the week for another purpose. During National Intergenerational Week, yes, let’s talk about the merits of bringing generations together and your recent projects. That's such an important reminder right now. Let’s also pool our collective experience into sharing ideas for tackling social isolation in this unique context. Skype sessions and emails, phone calls and Facebook. Share your ideas for supporting intergenerational connections during the coronavirus with us via email and on the hashtag #IntergenerationalWeek. We'll bring them together on this page. Thank you.

Tips for intergenerational connection during the coronavirus

National Intergenerational Week - Residents at St Monica Trust retirement villages reunite with children they met during filming Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds.

Image: Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds, Series 1 (Channel 4, CPL Productions) at St Monica Trust Cote Lane. Photography © Barbara Evripidou.

Intergenerational (adjective): Relating to, involving, or affecting several generations.

Oxford English Dictionary

The backstory

Once upon a time, older generations were much more involved with younger people, and vice versa. But times change. Parents are having children later in life, and living greater distances from their own parents. Not to mention that lives seem busier nowadays. Add to this the fact that our lives are becoming more segregated and accommodation for older people is, more often than not, set apart from where younger generations live.

All these things can drive a wedge between different generations. Isolation can begin to creep in. Along with a poorer understanding and awareness of each other. It’s a downward spiral where negative stereotypes and attitudes can take hold all too easily. We think it’s about time we change the way we do things. It’s time to say no to the age gap.

Illustrated Twitter graphic for National Intergenerational Week shows a young man and older lady planting a tree together

Get involved...

In the first year of National Intergenerational Week our aim is to get as many people talking about existing intergenerational projects in their local area as possible.

1) Share your organisation's projects or those local to you with the online world during #IntergenerationalWeek, 23rd - 29th March 2020.

Posts don't need to be about events taking place during the week itself, just share what and where the project is and the thing you love most about it! If you can use the hashtag, even better. You can download our handy resources and media pack if you need a little inspiration.

2) Show your organisation's support for all things intergenerational by adding your company logo to this page. Logos to please! We'll be uploading the next batch very soon...

3) Share your top ideas for supporting intergenerational connections during the coronavirus.

Skype sessions and emails, phone calls and Facebook. Pop them in a email to and tweet them out on the hashtag #IntergenerationalWeek. We'll gather them together and use National Intergenerational Week to help spread the word. Thank you.

Download our handy social media resources

If you're looking for National Intergenerational Week social media graphics and headers you're in the right place. Download them via the links below, along with our media pack which contains some prepared posts if you're short on time.

Media pack
Twitter post
Twitter header image
Facebook post
Facebook cover image
Instagram post
A4 Poster

National Intergenerational Week - Two participants of the Life Stories project with Bristol University and St Monica Trust

The benefits of intergenerational activity

  • Learn some new things
  • Boost confidence
  • Reduce loneliness
  • Feel valued
  • Help tackle big issues around housing
  • Increase understanding and respect

Get inspired...

Explore our case studies from inspirational organisations across the UK. And if you're looking to start up your own intergenerational project, grab a copy of this free intergenerational guide for a few ideas.

If you have any questions about National Intergenerational Week or ways in which to get involved please contact campaign lead Ben Dunn on or call 07498 278664.

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