United for All Ages - National Intergenerational Week

United for All Ages: An Intergenerational Case Study

Describing itself as a 'think and do tank' United for All Ages has been offering consultancy and support on intergenerational projects since 2010. Co-director / founder Stephen Burke shares some of the lessons they have learned since it all began.

The 2020s can be the decade when Britain becomes a country for all ages.

United for All Ages
The elevator pitch: How do you describe your organisation to someone completely new to your work?

United for All Ages aims to create stronger communities and a stronger Britain by bringing older and younger people together.

We make the case for more intergenerational interaction in care, housing, learning and communities and support the development and implementation of intergenerational projects. We are campaigning for 500 centres for all ages - where services and facilities for all ages are co-located like care-home nurseries - to be set up across the UK by 2023. We also coordinate the Intergenerational Housing Network and influence national and local policymakers.

The rewards: What are some stand-out benefits of intergenerational activity for those you work with?

Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world and this has led to a host of social and economic problems from loneliness and ageism to poor care, health, housing and education. Mixing between the generations and sharing activities and experiences can help tackle these issues and heal the divisions in our country. The 2020s can be the decade when Britain becomes a country for all ages.

Top tips: What advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in an existing intergenerational project or looking to start their own?

Our website provides advice on getting started, whether you are a nursery or school or an older people’s housing/care scheme, together with examples of intergenerational projects. We work with care home and childcare providers, schools and universities, housing providers, planners and architects, local authorities and community organisations. Britain is stronger when people of all ages are united, not divided.

How can we find out more about your work?

For more information visit unitedforallages.com or follow @united4allages on Twitter.

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