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Benefits of living in a retirement village


Benefits of living in a retirement village

Older people have various options for where to spend their retirement life, ranging from staying in their own homes to moving into assisted living facilities or retirement villages. There are many benefits to living in a retirement village when compared to other forms of retirement living.

The rise of retirement villages

Retirement villages have gained popularity in recent years as a preferred choice for older people seeking a blend of independence, community, and support. These purpose-built communities provide a range of housing options, amenities, and services tailored to the needs of older people.

Independence with a safety net

One of the primary benefits of retirement villages is the emphasis on independence. Residents typically live in self-contained homes or apartments, allowing them to maintain a sense of autonomy. However, these communities also offer a safety net by providing on-site support and services, ensuring residents can access assistance when needed.

Community engagement

Retirement villages foster a strong sense of community, encouraging social interactions and activities among residents. Shared spaces, such as lounges, gardens, and restaurants provide opportunities for older people to connect with other residents and friends, reducing the risk of social isolation often associated with ageing.

Comparing retirement villages to other retirement living options

While retirement villages have distinct advantages, it's crucial to compare them to other prevalent forms of retirement living to make an informed decision.

Ageing in place: staying at home

Many older people choose to age in place, remaining in their own homes as they grow older. This option offers familiarity and comfort but may present challenges as individuals face health issues or a lack of nearby support.

Independence vs. isolation

Staying at home allows older people to maintain their independence, but the risk of isolation is higher. Without a built-in community, individuals may struggle to stay socially engaged, impacting their mental and emotional well-being.

Home modifications and accessibility

To make ageing in place viable, older people may need to invest in home modifications, such as ramps or bathroom safety features. Retirement villages often come pre-equipped with these amenities, reducing the need for significant modifications.

Assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities provide a higher level of support for older people who require assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, or medication management.

Care levels

While assisted living facilities offer more comprehensive care, they may limit residents' independence. Retirement villages strike a balance, providing support when needed but allowing residents to maintain control over their daily lives.

Community and activities

Similar to retirement villages, some assisted living facilities offer communal spaces and organised activities. However, the focus may be more on care services than fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

Retirement villages

A retirement village is a residential community or housing complex designed for older people who are generally able to care for themselves.

Care and support

Retirement villages often have care and support teams who are available to offer extra help if required. From preparing meals to providing more personal care, these specialist staff can be a crucial factor for older people who want the reassurance of immediate assistance in emergencies or support with changing health needs.

Lifestyle amenities

Retirement villages are designed to enhance the quality of life for residents. From fitness centres and swimming pools to cultural events and hobby groups, these communities provide a range of amenities that contribute to a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

Financial considerations

While the upfront costs of moving to a retirement village can be significant, residents often find that the overall financial burden is lower compared to maintaining a house independently or entering a high care assisted living facility. It's essential to carefully consider the long-term financial implications of each option.

Challenges and considerations

A. Initial costs and fees

One of the challenges associated with retirement villages is the costs. After the initial purchase of an apartment, additional monthly service charges and other expenses will also need to be taken into account. Older people must carefully assess their financial situation to determine the feasibility of moving into a retirement village.

B. Limited care services

While retirement villages offer a supportive environment, they may not provide the same level of care as dedicated assisted living facilities. Older people with complex medical needs may need to consider additional care options or home healthcare services.

Choosing the right retirement living arrangement is a highly personal decision that depends on individual preferences, health considerations, and financial circumstances. Retirement villages offer a compelling option for those seeking a balance between independence and support, with a strong emphasis on community engagement. It's crucial for individuals and their families to thoroughly explore the benefits and drawbacks of each option to make an informed choice for their retirement life.

How we can support

Huge range of activities

At our retirement villages, we prioritise social events and activities to enrich the everyday lives of our residents. To ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement experience, we have dedicated teams responsible for planning and organising a wide range of engaging activities in all our retirement villages. These include both outdoor and indoor activities, such as music events, exercises classes, art groups, walking groups, bridge clubs, book clubs, history groups, gardening clubs, Tai Chi classes, film nights, lunch and dinner gatherings, outings, visits, and more. Different activities are happening in different retirement villages, and activities are tailored to whatever inspires you, so there’ll always be something to keep you busy.

Village care service

We also provide village care service to our residents. From preparing meals to providing more personal care, our specialist staff can tailor a package that perfectly suits your needs. Our carers are known for working closely with each individual to establish exactly what’s needed. From the frequency of visits, to selecting just the services you want, you decide on everything about your care and support options. Our village care team is available round the clock for unforeseen emergencies too.

Excellent indoor and outdoor facilities

Furthermore, our retirement villages provide excellent sports and well-being facilities. Equipped with high-quality fitness equipment and indoor pools in most of our retirement villages, we prioritise the well-being and fitness of our residents throughout their stay. If you prefer the great outdoors you’ll find beautiful parkland, green spaces or roof gardens available in our retirement villages. Sandford Station is a rural retirement village with twelve acres of parklands and gardens. You can take a stroll in the Mendip Hills, cycle along the Strawberry Line or explore the villages and towns that are dotted across this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Close to Westbury Fields, you can explore the woodland paths of Baddock Wood, and the magnificent scenery at Blaise Castle. Cote Lane overlooks the beautiful and unspoilt trees and grasslands of Durdham Downs. From arboretum style parklands to colourful borders and meandering paths, the beautifully landscaped gardens are a joy to explore. At Monica Wills House, you can unwind in the roof gardens and take in the stunning panoramic views across the south Bristol. The Chocolate Quarter, has excellent links to the cultural cities of Bath and Bristol, or you can sit and unwind in the beautiful rooftop garden.

Connected community

Our retirement villages also connect our residents with a vibrant, friendly and welcoming community. The Chocolate Quarter is at the heart of a welcoming community and acts as a hub for the surrounding area. All the essentials you need and much more can be found right on your doorstep. This includes a hair salon, restaurant, bar, shops, café, GP surgery and pharmacy. Additionally, each of our other retirement villages offers a variety of on-site facilities, such as hair and beauty salons, indoor bowling, croquet lawns, snooker tables, gardens, allotments, resident lounges, arts and crafts studios, and more.

Our retirement villages in Bristol and North Somerset have been purposefully built to cater to the specific needs of older people. Our sales team will be happy to give you more information about each retirement villages and guide you through the process of selecting an apartment. Please browse our retirement villages page for more information, or call us on 0117 919 4257 to book a tour, arrange a viewing or just to find out more.

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