What Age Can I Move Into A Retirement Village

What age can I move into a retirement village?

We’re often approached by people asking what the ideal age to move into one of our retirement villages is. It can be difficult to answer, as it is largely based on the individual and should be something to consider when you are ready. Thankfully, our friendly sales team are here to help you every step of the way on your journey to the best experience of ageing.

How old do you need to be to move into a retirement village?

Generally, you can move into a retirement community from aged 55, however, at the St Monica Trust we will review this on a person-by-person basis and this age can be lowered where appropriate. People age at different paces and in different ways, and we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate individual needs. After all, age is just a number.

You may also believe that you need to have retired to move into one of our villages – this is not the case. Many of our residents are still in active employment or volunteer roles. The aim of our retirement communities isn’t to separate or divide people based on age or employment, but rather to build up a friendly neighbourhood of like-minded people in a setting designed with them in mind.

Lifestyle change

Moving into a retirement community is a big lifestyle change, but if you’re at a stage in your life where you’re starting to consider retirement or downsizing your family home, it could be an option for you. When approaching such an important milestone it is important to carry out lots of research and be certain of what you want for yourself and your retirement.

Retirement villages allow you to continue living independently in a community of like-minded people, with the bonus of the sense of security that comes from having support available to you 24/7 should you need it – alleviating some worry for yourself and your family.

Make the most of your retirement

The younger you are when you move into a retirement village, the longer you can enjoy your new lifestyle. You get to continue your life as it was but with a whole host of new opportunities and friendships, and without the hassle of home maintenance as you get older.

Our villages provide something for everyone – with a range of optional activities for residents to participate in should they choose to. You can get stuck in as much, or as little as you like with everything from gardening clubs, to crochet classes and film nights being available to you as part of the package. Moving into a retirement village is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. There is a huge sense of community within our villages, which seems to naturally appear when people at similar stages in their lives come together. This creates a strong support system for our residents in addition to the provision that we offer.

The changing face of retirement villages

Forget any preconception you might have of what a retirement village might be like, our retirement communities are a vibrant hub of people coming together to enjoy what we like to call later living.

“Some people don’t come because they have a preconceived idea and don’t feel ‘old enough’ for this type of environment. All you can do to encourage people is to tell them how open and versatile the village is. If you want to do bowling, croquet, snooker, or archery, or if you’re interested in music and the arts there is a very wide range of activities that cater for these interests. There is even an equipped workshop for DIY enthusiasts.”

Douglas, Sandford Station
What does later living look like?

At our retirement villages, you will never be short of things to do. You could begin your day with an invigorating morning swim or a feel-good fitness class at one of our fully equipped gyms, before enjoying a spot of lunch with some friends cooked up by one of our expert chefs. In the afternoon you could try your hand at one of our arts and crafts workshops, or head outside of the village on an excursion organised by the village activities coordinator. On your way home you could pop to the allotment to do a spot of gardening before winding down for the day. Whilst all of this is at your fingertips, it should also be noted that you are able to opt-in as much or as little as you like.

Retirement village rental properties

Purchasing a property doesn’t suit everybody’s wants or needs, and that’s why we have a small selection of properties within our villages that are available for those looking to rent in retirement. At the St Monica Trust, we pride ourselves on our extensive rental package, which includes all utility bills, council tax, community fees, 24-hour emergency care, support and porter security, a daily 3-course lunch, laundry and housekeeping – allowing you to immerse yourself in retired life without any of the day-to-day hassles you would face outside of a retirement village.

Benefits of moving to a retirement village younger

As with most things, the longer you leave it before moving into a retirement village, the more difficult it may become. Making the move earlier allows you to get past the stress of moving and begin to enjoy your new lifestyle.

Many residents say that they wish they had moved in sooner, and those that did are happy that they made the decision to.

We had always said that before one of us reached 80 we were going to have downsized. I was an occupational therapist so saw people who had left it too late to move when visiting them in their own homes. We also have had relatives with dementia who we had to move after 75 years in their own home. It was a traumatic process and we didn’t want that for our children. If you’re going to make full use of all the facilities here, you have got to be relatively active.

Carole, The Chocolate Quarter
Additional care is available

One of the key benefits of living in a retirement village is that additional care and support are available should you need it. For individuals, this means that they can maintain an independent lifestyle in a safe and appropriate location. For couples, it allows them to continue living together for longer should one of their care needs increase. Support is available 24/7 should it be required. This can help to give you and your relatives peace of mind, knowing that there is always somebody close by on hand.

Take a tour now

Words can only portray so much. If you are considering making the move to one of our retirement villages, no matter what age you are, come and have a look around and get a feel for our warm and friendly retirement communities in Bristol. To book a tour or find out more, call our supportive sales team on 0117 332 5727.

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