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Somerdale Pavilion Trust to run Keynsham’s Somerdale Pavilion

It has been announced that the Somerdale Pavilion Trust has taken over the running of the Somerdale Pavilion in Keynsham from the current lease-holder,

The St Monica Trust already operates The Chocolate Quarter in Keynsham and has created a separate charity, the Somerdale Pavilion Trust (SPT), to oversee the day-to-day running of the Somerdale Pavilion site.

Chief Executive of the St Monica Trust, David Williams said: “The St Monica Trust is fully committed to securing the future of the Somerdale Pavilion for generations to come.

“We consider the Pavilion site to be a pivotal resource within the Keynsham community and a vital complement to the services that are provided in The Chocolate Quarter retirement community.

“Just as we did when developing the services at The Chocolate Quarter, we will be keen to meet with and listen to the views of members and the local community regarding the long-term future of the Pavilion.”

Mondelez International

Over the last five years, Mondelez International have made a multi-million pound investment in redeveloping the former Fry Club including a new sports pavilion and floodlit football pitches.

Mondelez International’s Associate Director Accounting and External Reporting, Tom Gingell said: “We believe the St Monica Trust and Somerdale Pavilion Trust are well-suited to taking over the successful running of the Somerdale Pavilion site, given their charitable status, their experience in integrating services for the wider community into their retirement villages and their continuing relationship with the people of Keynsham through the development of The Chocolate Quarter.

“Consequently, we have worked with all of the parties involved, including members, to agree a long-term plan that works for everyone and makes sure there will be a thriving legacy at Somerdale.

“We have also agreed a covenant to ensure that for the next 50 years, the Pavilion site is maintained and to ensure the facility continues to make a contribution to the local community.”

Consultation period

Staff from Aquaterra, who used to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Pavilion, will transfer to the Somerdale Pavilion Trust.

A consultation period will then help the Trust to understand how best to run the Pavilion in a way that preserves the services and facilities currently enjoyed by its members.

Further information can be found at www.somerdalepavilion.org.uk.

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