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Magic table provides fun and games for Russets residents

A ‘magic table’ has been gifted to the St Monica Trust’s Russets dementia care home in Sandford, North Somerset, to provide stimulating physical, mental and social activity for residents.

The table, which is a fully portable projection system, offers a series of interactive light games specifically designed for people with mid to late stage dementia.

Fond memories

The 'magic table' was donated to the care home by the husband of a former resident who regularly attended 'Musical Memories' sessions at the Russets clubhouse with his wife when she was alive.

He has fond memories of the pleasure she took from participating in the activities and wanted to donate an activity that future residents could benefit from.

St Monica Trust’s Therapy Assistant, Wayne Lawn said: “We only installed the 'magic table' a few weeks ago, but the difference it’s made is quite incredible.

“We just want to say a huge, huge thank you to the special gentleman who kindly bought the magic table for us.”

Reduce the symptoms of dementia

The games the system projects are designed to encourage cognitive, physical and social interaction between players to reduce some of the symptoms of dementia and engage the brain which can slow the progression of the condition.

Each game is carefully designed with no strict parameters to ensure nobody is left behind if they don’t understand the concept.

There are more than 220 different activities on it for people with different levels of dementia and physical capabilities.

Who can pop the most bubbles

The activities include quizzes and scatter games where you move feathers or clouds out of the way to reveal a picture underneath or splat games where you pop bubbles or chase fish.

Wayne Lawn, said: “The splat games are very popular with residents and the pictures which start off black and white and can then be coloured in provide a lot of enjoyment.

“It depends on an individual’s level of dementia but some of our residents can get quite competitive with each other, seeing who can pop the most bubbles or move the most clouds.

Walk across a rock pool

The system is completely portable which allows the 'magic table' to be used in a range of ways to suit differing levels of dementia.

Games can also be projected onto a white mat on the floor which means residents with mobility can walk across a rock pool and make ripples in the water.

For residents with more advanced dementia, the projector can be raised to project images of a coral reef onto a white sheet placed on their bed.

For further information on The Russets or to arrange a viewing please contact St Monica’s Trust admissions team on 0800 952 0300 or e-mail carehomes@stmonicatrust.org.uk

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