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Take a VR tour of the Russets dementia care home

Relatives seeking dementia care for their loved ones can now take a virtual tour of the Trust’s Russets dementia care home in Sandford on their smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC or even by putting on a pair VR goggles.

The tour features members of the administration, nursing, care and support, housekeeping and catering teams showing viewers around the North Somerset care home.

A happy and welcoming place

Deputy Care Home Manager, Raechel Bentley, who appears in the film said: "Often the first time someone visits a dementia care home is when they a seeking care for a loved-one and it can be quite an overwhelming experience for all involved.”

“By offering a virtual tour of our facilities from the comfort of their own home, we hope to ‘break the ice’ with any prospective residents and show them what a happy and welcoming place a dementia care home can be.”

“Whether you’re looking to get dementia care for your loved one, curious as to what life is like in a dementia care home or are considering a career in the care sector, I would encourage everyone to watch our VR Tour of the Russets.”

Tips for first-time users... Once playing, take a look around each space and follow the action by clicking then dragging your cursor on desktop or rotating your mobile device.

A comforting introduction

The film was shot over two days in the autumn by London-based company, Flix Films who have previously created VR tours for Trinity Hospice and have extensive experience with VR in healthcare, including a clinically approved study to explore the potential of virtual reality as a therapy for people at the end of life.

Managing Director of Flix Films, Leon Ancliffe said: “Virtual reality tours enable the viewer to virtually experience and familiarise themselves with real-life environments, such as a dementia care home.

“By virtually opening its doors, the Russets’ VR tour will equip viewers with a unique person-led 360 visual and audio experience that increases confidence and makes them feel like they are really there.

“People may have negative preconceptions of what a dementia care home is like and VR is a great way of providing a comforting introduction to a care environment from the safety of the viewer’s home.”

Award-winning design

Located within the St Monica Trust’s Sandford Station retirement village, the Russets is home to 73 residents living with dementia, making it one of the region’s largest specialist care services.

Its award-winning design has five inter-linked bungalows built in a circle around an internal garden with a central clubhouse where daily activities are held.

To ask any questions about the Russets, arrange a viewing or for more information, please call the Trust’s admissions team on 0800 952 0300 or email

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