4 1 12 01 2017 St Monica Trust Is ‘Best In Healthcare Sector

St Monica Trust is ‘best in healthcare sector'

The St Monica Trust has become the highest scorer in the UK’s healthcare sector in its annual Hospitality Assured assessment.

The Trust retained its Hospitality Assured Premier status for the ninth consecutive year with its highest-ever score of 83.7%.

“High levels of excellence”

In their report, the Hospitality Assured assessors, said: “There exists within the St Monica Trust a strong desire to achieve high levels of excellence in all that the organisation attempts to do, but in particular in customer service and resident care.

“Everyone helps others to achieve the goals of the organisation and a number of staff described the St Monica Trust as ‘the best place I’ve ever worked.’”

The Chocolate Quarter

The Trust improved on its previous year’s score by 2%, which was acknowledged by  the assessors: “The increase over the 2015 score is a reflection of the many changes, improvements and enhancements that have been achieved in that period.”

They continued: “A highlight this year was the work done on developing a new strategic plan and the major project to develop the new facility at Keynsham, The Chocolate Quarter.”

A leader in customer service

St Monica Trust’s Director of Facilities, Ian Joyner, said:

To be recognised as a leader in customer service within the UK Healthcare sector is an achievement that everyone involved with the Trust can be proud of.

“Our commitment to excellence at all levels of the organisation has been a long-term investment.”

“We expect to see even greater improvements in our customer offering with the opening of our newest retirement community, The Chocolate Quarter in summer 2017.”

Hospitality Assured

Hospitality Assured is the quality standard created by the Institute of Hospitality specifically for customer facing businesses.

The process enables organisations to reach and exceed their full potential by following world class processes, customer service standards and employee engagement.

Hospitality Assured’s annual assessment took place over two days and involved a review of the Trust’s operations in facilities, marketing, communications and human resources.

The Trust was then scored against nine different criteria including, business planning, service delivery and customer satisfaction improvement.

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