Faith. We believe it’s an important factor when delivering well-being to our residents – whatever their beliefs. That’s why our pastoral care is so important to us and them. And why we look for exceptional candidates to join our team.

Monica Wills had a very clear spiritual vision right from the beginning, with her Anglican faith playing an important part in the development of the Trust. The beautiful chapel at Cote Lane is testament to this, with services broadcast to residents in their rooms if they are unable to attend in person. 

The pastoral care team is committed to the spiritual well-being of residents, their families and colleagues. They offer a distinctive service where people can share their concerns, joys and frustrations regardless of their ethnic origin, religious affiliation or any other beliefs. 

As a pastoral care co-ordinator, you’ll work closely with the care teams to support and encourage the residents’ pastoral, spiritual and religious care needs. 

Our pastoral care teams are usually ordained or lay members of a mainstream church. Either way, you’d have a desire to work with older people.  And be accepting of others’ beliefs and spiritual ideas.