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St Monica Trust Charitable Foundation

St Monica Trust Charitable Foundation

The St Monica Trust Charitable Foundation is set to be officially launched in June 2024, with the primary objective of providing greater support to older people within the wider community, enabling them to thrive and flourish.

St Monica Trust has a responsibility to use our resources wisely to bring about the greatest positive impact possible and we recognise our role in identifying and responding to the needs of older people in the wider community. We aim to build a strong and ambitious Foundation that responds to the needs of the community.

Through the St Monica Trust Charitable Foundation, we aspire to create meaningful partnerships and collaborations as we believe that by working together we can achieve longer lasting and more impactful change. We seek to engage and work collaboratively with various stakeholders across a range of sectors, including non-profit organisations, community groups, funders, education and business. We aim to better serve the needs of older people and enhance their quality of life.

Please stay tuned for our updates regarding the launch.

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