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Individual Giving Fund highlights 2023

Individual Giving Fund highlights 2023

In 2023, we awarded 622 gifts and short-term grants to individuals, totalling £265,982.54. This financial support has provided immediate assistance when times are especially hard, such as when facing medical treatment, soaring bills and unexpected costs. Our average response time is 6 days, meaning applicants are not exposed to unnecessary uncertainty at a time when they are often at their most vulnerable.

An example of a time in someone’s life when they might need to apply to the fund is highlighted in Mr S’s situation. Following a cancer diagnosis and unable to work, Mr S’s statutory sick pay was coming to an end and he was therefore applying for benefits. Unfortunately, this gap in his regular income left Mr S feeling extremely concerned about how he would manage. Our short-term grant of £110 per month for three months bridged this gap and gave Mr S some financial security and helped ease some of his worry.

Feedback in 2003 highlights the impact this fund has on individuals and included:

It has given me breathing space and allowed me not to worry so much. It has relieved so much stress. I can't thank you enough.

The short-term grant has been a God send; it gave me a financial cushion when things were overwhelming. I don’t know what people would do without organisations like St Monica Trust.

Thank you so much, your help has been a life saver. I cannot thank the people involved enough.

This is so very helpful to me at this difficult time. I am grateful for your charity, gives me faith in human nature. It really will make a difference.

The short-term grant has been so helpful and without it I could not have moved into my new wheelchair adapted property to start a new life of independent living I’ve been waiting 10 years for. With all your help it has given me the start I needed to get me out and to be able to visit family and friends finally and have them able to visit me. I am so happy now and I want to thank St Monica Trust for all their help and assistance to get me to this place in my life. I can finally be me again and feel independent and free.

Your charity is an absolute shining example of how grants should be managed.

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