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Digital Inclusion Fund

Digital Inclusion Fund

Our Digital Inclusion Fund made a huge impact in 2023, helping older people get digitally connected. Some highlights from this funding follow.

During the first 12 months of the project, we welcomed 61 new clients to our programme, all of whom have made significant strides in acquiring and enhancing their digital skills. These clients have not only embraced the use of various digital devices but have also demonstrated their adaptability by utilising mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in their digital journeys. This remarkable progress underscores our commitment to empowering individuals in the digital age, and we look forward to continuing our mission of fostering digital literacy and inclusivity for even more clients in the future.

North Somerset Training

As a result of our work, and thanks to the funding from St Monica Trust we know that people have; attended local history talks on Zoom, checked Rugby scores and kept up to date with their local team’s progress, joined a family WhatsApp group, booked a place at a Christmas lunch organised by Marmalade Trust, and logged in to the BBC Sounds App to be able to listen to their favourite shows and audiobooks.

Sight Support West of England

North Bristol Advice Centre

Many of the people supported felt overwhelmed and vulnerable by the digitisation of everything (e.g. First Bus, Parking, Apple Pay, QR codes). It made them feel like they didn’t want to go out because everything relied on electronic payment. In the next phase of their project, they intend to produce a guide to disseminate to clients as an aide memoire to strengthen their confidence.

The outreach work in 2023 resulted in some individuals reporting increased confidence which extended outside digital use to everyday life. They were increasingly able to engage socially (family and friends, instead of just texting, being able to send photos etc) and practically (booking events, using parking and bus apps) with digital devices. This increase in confidence is great to see.

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