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Changes to the Individual Giving Fund from 01 April 2024

Changes to the Individual Giving Fund from 01 April 2024

Following a review of our Individual Giving Fund, we are pleased to announce that we will continue to offer support to older people in financial difficulty through this direct fund for individuals. From 01 April 2024, notable changes to make you aware of are as follows:

  • We are increasing the amount of a short-term grant from £110 per month to £140 per month.
  • We will no longer be awarding one-off gifts (such as carpets, furniture, or white goods) to individuals. Instead, the fund will support individuals with short-term grants for between three and six months. Awarding grants in this way will enable individuals to exercise choice and independence - deciding for themselves how best to use these short-term payments to improve their situation. If an individual requires a particular item, they will have the choice of what they purchase and the supplier they use.

As always, we are happy to meet with teams to discuss and promote our Individual Giving Fund. Please contact the team if you have any questions or would like to discuss how to apply to the fund.

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