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Vision North Somerset: Seeing Friends

Improving Connections Fund: Grants awarded

Vision North Somerset: Seeing Friends

Visually impaired people are at particularly high risk of isolation and loneliness and the associated threat to well-being. The Seeing Friends project provides opportunities for social connection, physical activity, and wider community integration and this grant will support the expansion of this project.

Activities include community-based social ‘hubs’ held in local venues such as pubs, cafes, libraries, and leisure centres, allowing services to be taken to where people live, meeting regularly for lunch, or around a shared interest such as swimming, gardening, or reading. Regular, in-person contact with other visually impaired people counters isolation for participants, who grow in confidence and self-esteem, supporting their independence and wider community involvement, empowering them to try new things and forge new, lasting connections.

I’d be climbing walls without these groups.
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