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St George’s Bristol: Community Ticket Club

Improving Connections Fund: Grants awarded

St George’s Bristol: Community Ticket Club

Since the pandemic, there has been a decline in older people attending cultural activity and the social connections this offers. This grant will support the expansion of the pilot project Community Ticket Club where older people from across Bristol come together for social activities and to connect with their peers and others at live music events followed by a gathering in the café. Club members go on to host their own social events onsite.

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Members have been constantly asking when they can book, and they were all so excited to come. For some of them coming to these concerts is the first time they had been out of the house in two years because of Covid. Everyone they have dealt with when they come in is absolutely lovely!
The Zulu Project lunchtime concert at St George's today was just fantastic and we are so pleased we had the opportunity to go, funds have been tighter since my husband's strokes and we certainly wouldn't have thought of going to lunchtime concerts before, now we can see just how valuable they are.
I really enjoyed attending the concert last Thursday. I don’t know very much about classical music, but I do enjoy listening to all sorts of music. I found listening with my eyes closed, to the string quartet was an amazing experience, it was like a wall of sound, and I wasn’t even aware of the instruments, if that makes sense. This is such an ‘alive’ experience listening to live music. And, if I’m honest, I probably wouldn’t have gone if it hadn’t been for the free community ticket (complete with a free cup of tea). But now having attended I will certainly reconsider venturing out again.
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