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Joint Heating Project with The Anchor Society

As the weather turns colder, our thoughts turn to keeping warm at home and for many, the worry about energy bills. However, for older people, particularly those with significant health issues, adequate heating is acutely important as outlined by a referrer to our joint Heating Project with The Anchor Society:

For this client to have a warm home environment is crucial and can contribute to better symptom management. Elderly individuals are more susceptible to hypothermia, and a functioning boiler is essential for maintaining a safe indoor temperature and preventing this serious health risk. Adequate heating helps prevent cold-related health problems that can disproportionately affect the elderly, such as respiratory issues, joint stiffness, and an increased risk of falls. In summary, the replacement of a non-working boiler for an elderly client is not merely a technical upgrade but a transformative improvement that directly influences their quality of life and health. It addresses specific needs related to ageing, contributes to a safer living environment, and supports overall well-being in the later stages of life.

This feedback illustrates how critical our funding is. Since April 2021, the St Monica Trust and The Anchor Society have been running a joint project to provide grants to replace or repair heating such as gas boilers or electric storage heaters. To date, each charity has contributed £30,000.

Applications are made by principal referrers such as the Centre for Sustainable Energy and WE Care Home Improvements, on behalf of households who are really struggling and can’t afford anything towards their heating repairs or replacements.

This fund goes a long way to supporting people in these difficult times. It is also aligned with one of St Monica Trust’s aims of giving older people choice by helping people live as independently as possible, and this project enables older people to do so, safe and comfortable in their own homes.

The fund also helps leverage other money in, so the net impact is greater than the sum of what St Monica Trust and The Anchor Society are contributing. Feedback has been incredibly positive, with the grants supporting people who have been without heating and hot water for many months. It is clear that this project has been life changing for them.

To apply for a grant, please click here.

Further information can be found here:

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