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Square Food Foundation: Back in the Kitchen

Improving Connections Fund: Grants awarded

Square Food Foundation: Back in the Kitchen

Back in the Kitchen (BITK) is a weekly drop-in cookery programme for older people who are at risk of loneliness and isolation.

This funding will enable the expansion of BITK and will introduce monthly batch cooking sessions to make healthy “ready meals” for the wider community of older people, empowering the students with an activity that positively contributes to their community.

'Back In The Kitchen' teach people how to cook good food!

I love it. Learning new things by watching and doing. Making new relationships at the same time. I have also noticed that I am spending less money on food which is important when on a pension.
Having been diagnosed with early onset dementia and told to keep busy. I feel these classes are really helping me and I really enjoy every aspect of the activity.
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