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Case Study: Sing For Fun

Through our 2020 Community Development for Older People Fund, St Monica Trust is supporting the West of England Rural Network (WERN) to help connect older people living in rural areas to their communities.

St Monica Trust is funding a Community Development Officer role in the Woodspring area of North Somerset - this role supports existing groups and assists in the creation of new ones within the locality to encourage engagement from older people and combat isolation.

The funding is part of a three-year project which is now in its final year and has helped to support a number of projects since it began in 2020.

One of the groups supported by this initiative is Sing For Fun, an inclusive singing group run by Churchill Music, which meets once a week to sing, chat and connect.

Hear from 'Sing For Fun'

We visited the group to find out more. Watch our video to hear from some members of the group about how it's benefitted their physical and mental well-being and helped them to flourish.

Singing and more

Whilst the group is focused on singing - it offers much more to those who attend. Refreshments are served after the group which presents an opportunity for people to chat with one another, helping to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Research has shown that singing can offer a variety of health benefits, including improving heart rate, reducing blood pressure, and relieving stress and anxiety. Several studies have also shown that it can benefit people living with dementia.

Community development

The Community Development Officer, Tina Huckle-Mills plays a key role in facilitating groups and identifying needs within the community. She uses an asset-based approach to empower and enable people to make decisions that affect them and their well-being - building communities from the inside out.

Helping the group access funding to continue to provide such an amazing and supportive facility to the community has been paramount for the continuation of this uplifting group.

Tina Huckle-Mills, Community Development Officer for WERN

Charitable Impact

The Trust’s Charitable Impact team helps tackle a variety of issues by distributing in excess of £750,000 to individuals, families, and organisations across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, and Bath & North-East Somerset.

The team provides gifts and grants that go directly to those who will benefit the most and are committed to helping more people by increasing the amount distributed over the next few years.

Sing For Fun meets every Friday, between 1:30-2:30 at St Mary's Church in Langford. For more information contact Jan Murray at info@churchillmusic.org.uk.

To find out more about the Charitable Impact team and their funding opportunities, please click here. For more information on the West of England Rural Network, please visit their website.

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