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Funding for Individuals

Supporting independence for older people

Supporting the lives of older people in the West of England has been part of the vision of St Monica Trust since it began 100 years ago. Today our Charitable Giving Team helps tackle a variety of issues by distributing hundreds of thousands of pounds to individuals, families and organisations across Bristol, Bath and North-East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset.

Who do we help?

We help people who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are aged 50 or over
  • Have a physical disability, long-term physical health problem or mental health problem
  • Live in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset or Bath and North East Somerset
  • Have a low income with no or limited savings

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are:

  • An individual needing support for yourself
  • An organisation applying on behalf of an individual

How can you help me?

We help in two ways: we might provide you with a gift or we may offer a short-term grant of monthly financial support to help through a crisis. Whichever way we help, it will not affect someone’s benefits, tax credits or tax.

What are gifts?

A gift is a one-off item that we provide that can help improve someone’s life. We may be able to help with a range of items, such as:

  • Household appliances, e.g. washing machines and cookers
  • Furniture and flooring
  • Disability-related items or adaptations, e.g. mobility scooter or riser-recliner chair
  • Clothing
  • One-off gardening costs
  • Funeral expenses (next of kin or dependent)
  • Decorating labour costs

This list doesn’t cover everything. We will always consider helping with anything that is going to make a positive difference to someone’s everyday life. Unfortunately, there are some things we can’t help with. These include:

  • Holidays
  • Ongoing gardening costs
  • Respite care
  • Care home fees
  • Ongoing daily living costs

What is a short-term grant?

A short-term grant is a monthly payment of £110 that is designed to help through a crisis. This is usually awarded for an average of three to six months.

The kinds of issues we provide grants for are:

  • To help adjust to a sudden loss of income, death of a partner, or when debts have built up
  • The extra costs involved with certain medical treatments, e.g. chemotherapy, interferon or similar treatments
  • Help whilst claiming disability benefits or addressing problems with benefit and tax credit claims

This is not an exhaustive list. Unfortunately, we cannot help with ongoing daily living costs.

“That is extremely generous. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I had been dreading the car bill and now I feel that with your kind support we will be able to meet the costs. The addition of the grant to cover monthly costs and the cooker is very much appreciated. Without your help and support, none of this would be possible. Thank you so much.”

How do I apply?

We ask everyone who wants our help to fill in an application form. You can either complete the form online or contact us to request a paper copy in the post. If you have any difficulties filling it in, please contact the charitable giving team on 0117 949 4003 and we will be happy to assist.

You will receive a response to your application within two weeks but please note that due to an increase in demand our turn-around is approximately four weeks.

Sadly we can't help everyone

The most common reason we turn down applications is because people do not meet our criteria. Please make sure that you check our criteria before you apply. If you are not sure whether to apply, please contact the charitable giving team to discuss your situation and we will be happy to advise you.

Cost-of-living support

If we are unable to assist you, there are several organisations that may be able to offer you support during the current cost-of-living crisis.

These vary for each area, so please check the relevant documents below signposting you to your local resources.

Speak to a member of our team 0117 949 4003
Make a funding application for individual giving online Apply today

What people have to say

“I have been asked to write to you and pass on her sincere thank you for the freezer – she says she is really so grateful and can’t quite believe how people have chosen so kindly to help her, when they don’t have to. And I’d certainly second her thanks; the charity does wonderful work for our clients!”

“I've been asked to pass on thanks to St Monica's for the mattress, reporting that he's had three days better sleep since the delivery. He said the people delivering were also really nice and understanding.”

“St Monica's have offered a lifeline to many service users which has made a huge difference to the quality of their lives, supporting people when they are at their lowest ebb and helping them to make fresh starts.”

“You have supported people we have referred when they literally have no one else to turn to and have impacted their life in such a positive way, it’s nothing short of a miracle to them. We as a charity are so grateful you exist and have been able to support vulnerable people.”

“It’s here and will make a world of difference to my everyday living thanks to your charity’s help.”

"She is so pleased with this outcome and is looking forward to being able to cook a meal for herself and her husband again. They told me that this will make such a huge difference to their everyday lives, please accept their thanks and pass on their gratitude to your colleagues.”

“That is extremely generous. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I had been dreading the car bill and now I feel that with your kind support we will be able to meet the costs. The addition of the grant to cover monthly costs and the cooker are very much appreciated. Without your help and support none of this would be possible. Thank you so much.”

“May I thank you for awarding me a short term grant. It will be very helpful during the winter months. I have been having chemo for 6 months and I won’t know what I would have done without people like you. Thank you all so much.”

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