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Reviews for Garden House care home

Reviews for Garden House care home

Garden House care home is very highly rated on and consistently receives positive feedback from residents and their families, recognising our professional service and high quality of care, making us one of the best care homes in Bristol. Please check out a sample of our reviews below.

I simply cannot imagine a better place for my Father to be: a place where he is treated with kindness, care, and dignity. All members of staff appear to go out of their way to consider his needs, encourage him, and make him feel a valued member of the Garden House community. Dad has a spacious and bright room with an adjoining large wet room. There is plenty of choice with his meals that are hot and look and smell appetizing. The activity sessions are amazing with a real variety of interactive sessions including the opportunity to mix with children and animals as well as enjoy visits from outside speakers and musicians and even go on trips. The grounds are also spacious with wild areas as well as beautifully more formal areas and it is a great place to easily stroll or push a wheelchair. Dad has now been at Garden House for 6 months and, although adjustment to change inevitably takes some time, I am personally extremely grateful to know that he is content and well looked after.

Overall experience rating: 5.0 | 10 Apr 2024

My parents recently moved to Garden House. My mother was transferred from a previous nursing home on 31/10/2023. My father gained access to an apartment on the 01/11/2023. On the morning of 03/11/2023 after visiting my mother in the nursing wing my father had a cardiac arrest in the foyer. He was successfully resuscitated by staff and is expected to return for rehab after 10 days in hospital. My mother throughout this time has been welcomed, supported and cared for in an exceptionally kind and caring manner. We are indebted to all the staff, especially the porter who initiated the resuscitation.

Overall experience rating: 5.0 | 4 Dec 2023

Our father recently moved into Garden House after an accident and hospital stay. He couldn't have been more warmly welcomed at Garden House. The staff are patient, kind, friendly and knowledgeable, and made his quick transition comfortable and much less difficult than expected. Thank you.

Overall experience rating: 5.0 | 16 Nov 2023

Back in March, my father entered Garden House as a resident. We were pleased to see how well he was looked after and visiting was made very easy. A couple of months later, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she expressed a desire to be with Dad. Within a short period, perhaps just a week or two, the application for my mother was submitted and subsequently the NHS funding for her bed at Garden House was approved. It could not have been smoother; their rooms are on the same corridor and they spend time together every day. The manager made everything very easy and my mother was transferred from hospital with very little fuss. I am pleased with the level of attention they both receive and the friendliness of the staff. Everyone is doing their very best with what is essentially an entirely harrowing and heartbreaking situation. Well done everyone.

Overall experience rating: 5.0 | 24 July 2023

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