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Improving the quality of life of older people

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Bettering the lives of older people where they live

St Monica Trust was founded on a commitment to support people who lived in our homes as well as providing support to people in their own communities. Our Charitable Impact Team works with older people across the West of England to find ways of improving their quality of life.

From pastoral and spiritual care and community activities, to giving gifts and grants, we support individuals and communities to access the activities that are meaningful to them. We can’t do this alone and our partnerships with communities, charities and other organisations allow us to have the biggest impact possible.

Inside our villages

Within our retirement villages and care homes, we provide residents with opportunities and support around their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as encouraging them to be involved in their community.

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Grant giving

In the wider community, we work with individuals, organisations and communities to improve the lives of older people in the region, through joint projects and funding for organisations or individuals.

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Our volunteers build relationships with our residents, bringing a range of skills that enrich the lives of our residents and communities. That’s why we’re keen to hear from you.

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