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Westbury Fields Dementia Day Service - Couple Hold Hands

Inside the Dementia Day Service: Dave and Diane's Story

At first Dave was anxious about visiting the dementia day service. Then everything changed. From their home in North Bristol, local couple Dave and Diane share their experiences at the Westbury Fields Dementia Day Service, how it’s helped them find new friendships and rediscover their independence.

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Acts of Kindness: Jill's Story

Ahead of Random Acts of Kindness Day we caught up with Jill Cownie, a resident at our Westbury Fields retirement village, for a chat about her story and the extra care she takes to welcome new members of the community.

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Carole And Michael Lowe Resize

A Year at The Chocolate Quarter: Michael and Carole's Story

A little over a year since The Chocolate Quarter opened its doors, we caught up with the very first residents to reserve an apartment in the now award-winning retirement community. Together they share highlights from their first year, their reasons for choosing TCQ and some helpful tips on downsizing.

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Joe Tymkow The Chocolate Quarter

Welcome to the Art and Pottery Studio - with Joe Tymkow

Open to residents and the public alike, The Chocolate Quarter Art and Pottery Studio is one of the things that makes the Keynsham retirement village quite unique. Here, Artist in Residence Joe Tymkow shares some of his story and how he's using it to inspire creativity in people of all ages.

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Sandford Station Shed

The Power of a Shed - with Sam Pycroft

It’s the small things that make a house a home. Retirement Community Manager Sam Pycroft explains how the addition of a new garden shed has brought the Sandford Station community together and spurred on some unexpected creative projects.

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St Monica Trust Gardens Cote Lane 1

The Unknown Gardens of Bristol - with Kirsty Frampton

As autumn rolls on many of us have been venturing outdoors to explore the best gardens the South West has to offer. We spoke to St Monica Trust Gardens Lead Kirsty Frampton about the little known gardens on site at each of the Trust’s 5 retirement communities, in Bristol and North Somerset, and the huge difference they make to residents.

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My Allotment and Me: Val's Story

We spoke with Val Stokes, resident at our Sandford Station retirement village, about her raised allotment beds, the benefits of an active lifestyle at 95 and top tips for first-time gardeners.

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