Let’s face it, it’s hard to ‘be yourself’ during the recruitment and selection process. It’s an important step, so naturally nerves can set in. We go out of our way to make our recruitment days and interviews as varied and relaxed as possible.

You may be asked to attend a competency-based interview. These are interviews designed to ask you questions where you give examples of situations that you have faced in the past. It’s a good way for you to demonstrate a particular skill. For example: “Tell us about a time when you had to explain a message to someone who did not quite understand you”.

To help you get ready for a competency based interview, read through the role profile. Think about what sort of skills you might need to do the job and what examples you could use to talk to us about.  If your mind goes blank during the interview, or you cannot think of what to say, don’t worry.  All of our interviewers are trained in how to get the most from people and will gently prompt you to help you think of examples.  We’ve all been interviewed ourselves before so know how you might be feeling!

You may also be asked to complete a written exercise or one using a computer (used more for office roles). These vary for each role, however they will be straightforward and nothing that you need to prepare for in advance (unless notified).

Depending on the role, you could well be invited to one of our recruitment days. This will be made up of a group introduction, a group discussion, competency-based interview and a written task. There are normally about six people in each group and the introduction will be a nice welcome exercise giving you each the chance to say a little about yourself.

You’ll also learn more about us, the role and what to expect from the recruitment day. Hopefully this will put you at ease ready for the group discussion. You’re normally given a few scenarios to read and make a few notes on, ready to discuss your answers with the rest of the group.

And finally, we believe it’s important for you to see the environment that you will be working in before you decide to join us.  So whenever we can, your day will include a tour of our facilities. You’ll get a feel of what it might be like to work here, catch a glimpse of what residents do each day and see why our retirement villages are considered outstanding.