Everyone works better when they feel appreciated and accepted. It’s not rocket science. And we believe that starts with creating a working environment where everyone is respected and treated like an individual.

Age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity/paternity or any other personal characteristics. Let’s face it, none of this matters when it comes to delivering the highest level of care and support to residents and customers.

In fact, we’ve found that diversity brings fresh-thinking, individual opinions and new viewpoints. We know our residents and clients come from all kinds of backgrounds and they really enjoy having people around them with different experiences too. We’ve found it only goes to enhance the well-being experience.

That’s why, when we begin recruiting, we like to advertise in different places to attract a diverse range of candidates. Following that, training and support is available to everyone. We also offer free English language classes to colleagues, bank workers and volunteers who might need a little helping hand.

Even this website has been designed with the Agency Accessibility (AA) guidelines in mind to give everyone an equal chance.

Where possible, when we select people for interviews, we do this in pairs to reduce any natural biases in decision making that perhaps we are not aware of. Applicants are scored against objective criteria.